How to pray with us, at home ?

How to intercede : below are a few steps to help you find the right internal posture.

You can choose to use all of them or just a few. You can join this novena any time and we invite you to pray until your prayers are answered.

  • I bring myself in the presence of the Lord with the sign of the cross in a place auspicious for prayer;
  • I put faith in my prayer to Mary against the Covid-19 (please find below);
  • I make silence and read a short daily meditation;
  • I pray the mystery of the daily rosary to eradicate Covid-19;
  • I finish this prayer time by giving glory to the Father and a sign of the cross.

If you pray daily the rosary in full, we invite you to put faith while reading the prayer of the novena between each mystery of the rosary.

You can fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and depending on individual health status. If you fast, make sure you don’t weaken physically! We invite you to offer your fast for the sick, their families, the scientific researchers, the authorities and the entire medical community.

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